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Birthdate:Mar 31
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
What to say? I am a pretty boring person so life has treated me to numerous excitements in the form of natural and manmade disasters: drowning in the ocean, a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, a house fire, a brutal marriage to an insane sadistic nazi-type person (over now), several car wrecks and more near misses than I can count, falls (from second story of a house and a high cliff of tills), and a persistent stream of other-worldly souls who come and go. I have a very powerful guardian who watches out for me, keeps me alive, and for whom I am more grateful than I can even begin to describe.

I am a mom, raised six children alone (or rather raised them without assistance but continuous harassment from the insane nazi-type ex-husband). I am proud of them all. Two are married and from one of those marriages I have a wonderful granddaughter. She is everyone's delight and so spoiled.

Was educated well in geological sciences but not enough to actually work in the field. Couldn't hack anymore grad school. So I live in my '86 Vanagon, Ael Luin (Blue Lake), completely off the grid. I go where I want, when I want. I work until I save for the next big move and then I go.

I am plagued by two things that limit me in some ways but have also opened unusual vistas not everyone gets to experience. The first is life-long depression, and while I do not recommend it and would like it to stop, I have learned about strength, determination, and courage because of it. I also have Asberger's, a form of Autism, and that I would not change, though it isolates me and causes difficulty communicating with people. The things my mind can do because of the way it is hardwired are unique and a significant gift, very much a blessing. I have the ability to be both within a system and without, observing from several perspectives simultaneously in vivd detail. The universe as I experience it is unbelievably magnificent and beautiful, once you get past this whole 'human' thing going on here. Of course, I can't manage a personal relationship of any kind, but those are the breaks.

So I write and, as with everything else I do and say, my reasons and definitions are just a bit different perhaps from those inspiring others who love to write. I write to communicate. My words are my mind, my soul. It is never a story or an exercise or a character study, though a story is the form and the medium of expression. It's me in black and white and if you don't like subtext don't bother to read me. I also tend to be rather long-winded, only write in the lotr fandom, and only write slash.
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